How to get technical support for PGP

Commercial PGP versions
If you have purchased one of the commercial PGP versions you may be entitled to technical support through email or telephone. If you bought PGP in the US, contact PGP Corporation. If you bought it elsewhere, contact Intellect.

Freeware PGP versions
There is no support for the freeware versions of PGP. If you want support, you'll have to buy one of the commercial versions. Having said that, there are many resources about PGP on the Internet where you can look for help if you have problems installing or using PGP:

* Frequently Asked Questions @
* Known bugs in PGP @
* Freeware PGP Help Team @
* Mailing lists @
* Newsgroups @

And please do not send support questions directly to me, as my mailbox is already swamped with messages about PGP. I simply don't have time to answer them. Such questions should be sent to one of the PGP newsgroups or mailing lists instead.

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